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Scientific Name, Other Names: Fraxinus americana, American ash, Biltmore ash, Canadian ash, Cane ash, Fresno, Green ash, Mountain ash, Quebec ash, Red ash, White ash, White river ash

Ash is a light to medium toned wood with great durability. The wood has great impact resistance, often serving as the material of choice for baseball bat manufacturers. Attractive as well as strong, the reddish brown heartwood in Ash accompanied by its creamy white tones are truly spectacular when flushed with light. For decorating, Ash is very complimentary to off-white, tan, and darker brown furniture and decor.

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Ash is a versatile wood, exhibiting a light to medium tone and remarkable durability. Its exceptional impact resistance makes it a preferred material for crafting baseball bats. Beyond its strength, Ash showcases an attractive reddish-brown heartwood complemented by creamy white tones that exude a captivating splendor when illuminated by light. When used for decoration, Ash harmoniously complements off-white, tan, and darker brown furniture and decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. To see more about the Ash Flooring Collection of Elite Star Flooring Dallas. Contact us today.